What are some examples of monocot seeds?


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Monocot seeds include garlic, onion, corn, rice, wheat, asparagus, lilies and orchids. These seeds are classified as monocots because they only have one cotyledon inside of their seeds.

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What are some examples of monocot seeds?
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Monocots are also known as monocotyledonous seeds. These seeds often produce plants with narrow and long leaves. The other type of seed species is the dicots, or dicotyledonous seeds.

Dicots have two cotyledons and contain endosperms inside of their seeds. They produce plants with thick, wide leaves. Examples of dicot seeds include tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, cabbage, turnips, apples, plugs, carrots and celery. Dicots produce large leaves so that the leaves can nourish new dicot seeds.

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