What Is an Equivalent to Shell Alvania Grease?

Lin Yangchen/Moment Open/Getty Images

Lubricants made with lithium or lithium hydroxystearate are equivalent to Shell Alvania Greases. Figuring out which grease works best for your machinery is essential.

Shell Alvania Greases RL1, RL2 and RL3 are general purpose industrial greases made with lithium hydroxystearate. They provide lubrication for industrial equipment and have antioxidant and antirust additives. They also have advantages over traditional lithium greases, because the consistency never alters and they operate well at high temperatures without hardening. Shell Avania Greases can also withstand heavy shock loads because they contain extreme pressure additives.

The lubricants in the Mobilux EP Series, for instance, are equivalent to Shell Alvania Grease. Just like Shell Alvania Greases, they use lithium hydroxystearate in their formulas, and they offer protection against corrosion, rust and water.

Another alternative is the Castrol Spheerol EPL line of lubricants. They are made with lithium, and are water resistant and can function well in various temperatures. These greases keep their consistency, which extends their lubrication lives, and are resistant to copper and steel corrosion, which minimizes rust and oxidation on metal surfaces. They also protect against the wear and tear of heavy loads.

Before applying any lubricant to your equipment, you must take into consideration speed, temperature and bearing size.