What Is Enthesopathy of the Hip Region?

HENNING DALHOFF/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

Enthesopathy of the hip is an arthritic disorder in the sockets of the hip bone that affects the tendons and ligaments that are attached there. This means that the connections are not working correctly or are damaged in some way, creating problems with the connecting tissues between the hips and other bones. This causes pain or difficulty while moving or walking.

Enthesopathy itself can be found in any region of the body where connections of muscles and ligaments to bones are found, and it can be present as a part of any number of conditions. This condition is sometimes found alongside arthritic conditions and can be accompanied by enthesitis, or inflammation of the entheses, the sites that connect muscles and ligaments to bone.

This disorder can arise in the case of auto-immune diseases, where the body mistakes parts of itself as a foreign invader and attempts to remove the region using the immune system, creating painful inflammation. Otherwise, the term enthesopathy is only a descriptive term that means that there is something wrong with the entheses, and it can be a symptom of a tremendous range of conditions that may have caused damage or weakness in these vital structures of the body. It is a symptom or minor disorder.