What Is Energy Consumption?

Energy consumption refers to the amount of energy consumed by an individual or organization, or to the process or system of such consumption. Nearly every modern convenience increases the amount of energy consumed.

The amount of energy consumed depends on the activity or object. Home illumination is one of the most common forms of energy consumption. To illuminate a room, a light bulb must be powered by electricity, any use of which contributes to energy consumption. Computers and mobile phones also contribute to daily energy consumption. The very production of a computer causes energy to be consumed by factories, workers, distribution systems and the stores that sell the end product.

A daily cup of coffee is a product of energy consumption. Every part of the process to create coffee consumes energy. The beans used for the coffee must be picked, transported, cleaned and roasted before arriving at a store to be sold. The machinery used to grind and brew the coffee also uses electricity.

Air conditioners use large amounts of electricity to cool an area, and cars use fuel. Even a bed costs energy to create. Its materials are refined, then assembled, and at each step along the way, energy is consumed.