What Are Disadvantages of Sustainable Development?

disadvantages-sustainable-development Credit: Tim Robberts/Stone/Getty Images

There are several disadvantages to sustainable development. One of them is that it is normally more costly to create goods and services in an environmentally safe way than in a non-sustainable and harmful manner.

Sustainable development means development of an economy in a way that doesn't deplete natural resources. Unfortunately, it can be incredibly difficult to do this, and in many countries, it is practically impossible.

According to EcoVitality, the costs to run operations for sustainable development are much higher than the costs of non environmentally friendly methods. For example, fishing indiscriminately may waste most of the catch, but it is far less expensive in the short run than using selective fishing methods. Not only is the cost of sustainable development activities higher, but organizing, monitoring and administrative costs are all factors that come into play when it comes to sustainable development.

Another disadvantage to sustainable development is the fact that in developing countries, starting a company is very difficult. A new company can be frail, and any limitations that the company encounters, whether it is a limit on resources, transportation, loss of personnel or even fluctuations in the market, can cause the downfall of the company.

For several companies, the problem is not that sustainable development is impossible, but it is less rewarding financially and it requires more work, which can be more than the company can handle for its survival.