What Is the Difference Between Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night?

Photo Courtesy: Michael Lee/Moment/Getty Images

What is the difference between morning, afternoon, and evening? And where does night fall in all of this? In short, these words define different blocks of time within a 24-hour day. But when does one start and the other end?

Morning vs Afternoon vs Evening vs Night

While some believe morning officially begins at dawn, others define morning as any time that falls between 12 am and 11:59 am, especially since it’s generally accepted that morning ends at 12 pm, or noon. However, afternoon, evening and night have more subjective boundaries.

As the name suggests, afternoon begins at 12 pm and continues for several hours. When afternoon ends, evening begins. For some, evening is that time between dinner and bedtime, but, for others, evening begins when the sunlights starts to fade and ends once darkness settles in. If your perception aligns more with the sun’s patterns, evening’s start and end times will fluctuate with the seasons; in winter, evening might start around 5 pm, whereas a summer evening might commence between 6 or 7 pm.

Finally, night is associated with darkness — that period of time between sunset and sunrise. Depending on the season, the duration of night might change.