What Is the Difference Between Boys Husky and Regular Sizes?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Mar 26, 2020 3:37:32 PM ET

The difference between boys husky and regular sizes is that husky sizes are larger in certain areas to fit boys better. Husky pants usually have a larger waist measurement but the same length inseam as regular sizes, while husky shirts usually have a larger chest measurement.

Husky sizes may fit best if a boy doesn't have an average height to waist ratio. Husky sizes may be designated by adding an H to the size. For example, a label that says 12H means that item is a husky version of a size 12. Many brands also offer slim sizes for boys that need smaller than average clothes. These sizes may be designated by adding an S to the size.

Boys pants tend to have more size options than boy's shirts and jackets, because men's shirts and jackets can be purchased if a larger size is necessary. Men's pants, on the other hand, are usually too long for a boy to wear. Length can still be an issue with husky sizes, in which case parents may want to have pants hemmed.

Husky sizes are available online and in-stores through certain brands, such as Old Navy, the Gap, J. Crew and JCPenney, as of March 2015. An alternative to husky pants are pants with an adjustable waistband.