What Did Neil Armstrong Eat When He Was on the Moon?

According to NASA, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin ate two meals consistently while on the lunar surface. The first meal was made up of bacon squares and peaches, with sugar cookies for dessert. The second was made up of beef stew and cream of chicken soup, with date fruit cake for dessert.

While the astronauts had a selection of meals and snacks aboard the Apollo 11 Command Module, the supplies aboard the Lunar Module were more limited. The astronauts could enjoy grape, pineapple-grapefruit and orange drinks as well as freeze-dried coffee. The Lunar Module also contained a snack pantry holding candy bars, dried fruit, ham salad, turkey and bread.

All food was shelf-stable, requiring no refrigeration or heating before use. Items like soups and stews came in tubes or pouches, and they were designed to be thick enough not to escape into the spacecraft cabin. Bacon and turkey squares were coated with gelatin, and bread and cookie pieces were specially treated to reduce crumbs. Since many of the spacecraft’s systems relied on physical switches, errant particles and crumbs could have been disastrous for the mission. Drinks on Apollo 11 came in powdered form and were rehydrated using the pure water created from the spacecraft’s fuel cells.