What Is the Decomposition of Ammonium Carbonate?


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The decomposition of ammonium carbonate at room temperature is demonstrated by the equation (NH4)2CO3 ? NH4HCO3 + NH3. In the formula, (NH4)2CO3 represents the ammonium carbonate on the reactant side of the equation, while NH4HCO3 and NH3 represent ammonium bicarbonate and ammonia on the product side, respectively.

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Ammonium carbonate naturally decomposes under conditions of standard temperature and pressure. When heated, ammonium carbonate can decompose into ammonia gas and gaseous carbon dioxide. This reaction can occur when the a solution reaches its boiling point or when ammonium carbonate is placed in sufficiently hot water. Such decomposition releases toxic gases, which may become flammable if they come in contact with metals.

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