How Do You Cross Reference a Cr2032 Battery?

Use a coin cell battery cross reference chart when cross-referencing a CR2032 watch battery. Locate any cell on the chart containing the CR2032 battery; every other battery on the same row is compatible with the CR2032.

Using a basic watch battery cross reference chart shows that the generic CR2032 is compatible with a number of batteries from major manufacturers. Duracell calls this battery the DL2032, Rayovac calls it the CR2032-1W, Kodak produces this battery as the KCR2032 and Energizer calls it the ECR2032. Despite the different names, all of these batteries are totally compatible and work in any device that uses CR2032 batteries.

While some battery manufacturers use unique model numbers for watch batteries, most companies use the generic name. For instance, Panasonic, Toshiba and Maxell all use the generic CR2032 model number.

The CR2032 has a three-volt capacity, and it is the most common coin cell lithium battery. The CR2032’s most common use is in watches and other small electronic devices. Computer companies install CR2032 cells on motherboards to preserve the computer’s BIOS memory and system clock during main power failures.

Using a battery cross reference chart has several advantages for a consumer. Many manufacturers either go out of business or stop producing certain watch batteries, making generic batteries the only option. Even if watch manufacturers continue producing watch batteries, generic brands are typically more affordable.