How Do Coyotes Adapt to Their Environment?

Coyotes are highly adaptable and can live in many different environments, including inside large cities. They do this by adjusting their hunting style to many different kinds of prey, and by being able to make their dens in many different environments. Their thick fur is ideal for temperature control in both hot and cold areas, and their unique color keeps coyotes camouflaged in woods, desert, grasslands and urban areas.

According to the Sonora Desert Museum, coyotes are omnivorous and able to eat a wide variety of foods. They are capable of stalking and killing small prey like mice and birds alone, but they can also band together into packs to take down larger prey like deer, according to the website Desert Museum. During the spring and summer months, coyotes eat fruit, berries and nuts to supplement their diets. Coyotes prefer to dig a burrow to use as a den, but if soft dirt is not available, they can live in a small cave or a thicket of undergrowth.

Coyotes are one of the most widespread species in North America. They can be found in nearly every state, from Alaska to New England, as well as a large portion of Canada, and also in the southern reaches of the continent like Mexico and Panama.