What Countries Have the Longest Daylight Hours?

Jay Berkow Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Alaska, located in the United States, along with parts of Northern Canada, Russia and other countries above the Arctic Circle have the longest daylight hours. These hours differ depending on the summer months of the region.

Both the Arctic and the Antarctic have the most daylight hours. The countries in the region have weeks of continuous daylight. Every year these countries have days where the sun never goes down. In other parts of the region the sun sets, but for a short amount of time. Because of these long hours of light, this area is called “The Land of the Midnight Sun.”

The Arctic region north of the Arctic Circle has the greatest number of daylight hours during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer.

The Antarctic includes almost all of Antarctica south of the Antarctic Circle, and has the greatest number of daylight hours when it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere.