What countries are affected by hurricanes?


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Countries all over the world are affected by hurricanes and cyclones, but the National Weather Service states those most affected include China, The Philippines, Japan, Mexico, the United States, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Madagascar and Cuba. In terms of landfall, the United States has had 268 known hits in history. Since 1970, China has had the most typhoon hits.

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Hurricanes happen in all three major oceans when the water gets warm enough. The Pacific Ocean has the most hurricanes, with the western Pacific the most active in the world. Some years, the Philippines get hit with 20 or more tropical storms during hurricane season. The only ocean region that has rare occurrences of hurricanes is the south Atlantic.

Atlantic hurricane season is from June 1 to Nov. 30 with peaks in August and September. The western Pacific season runs from July 1 to Nov. 30, also with peaks in August and September. The eastern Pacific storm season lasts from May 15 to Nov. 30 while the south Pacific storm season is from Oct. 15 to May 15. The Indian Ocean's hurricane season lasts the longest from April 1 to Dec. 31, according to Accuweather.

These powerful tropical storms are known as hurricanes in the Atlantic, typhoons in the Pacific and cyclones in the Indian Ocean. The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research states hurricanes start as patches of rough weather over warm ocean waters that grow into spinning storms with winds 74 miles per hour or greater.

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