How Do You Convert Weights From Lbs to Kg?

Mark Lewis/The Image Bank/Getty Images

To convert pounds to kilograms, the formula “lbs / 2.2 = kilograms” is used. Converting pounds to kilograms is not as complicated as doing other metric conversions, because both measurements are standard units of mass, the conversion is quite straightforward.

  1. Determine how many pounds you wish to convert to kilograms

    First, know the exact number of pounds to be converted into kilograms. Have this number available to complete the conversion.

  2. Use a calculator

    Converting from pounds to kilograms involves division with decimals. As such, it is easier to do the conversion with a calculator or some other electronic calculating device.

  3. Divide the number of pounds by 2.2

    To find out how many kilograms are equal to a specific number of pounds, divide the pounds by 2.2. This gives you a close answer. Following this method, 4 pounds divided by 2.2 is 1.81 kilograms. If the conversion needs to be more exact, divide the number of pounds by 2.2046 for a more precise answer.