How to Convert Kwh a Year to Kw?

Use the following equation to convert kWh to kW: P(kW) equals E(kWh) divided by t(hr). Power is measured by kilo-Watts, while kilo-Watt-hours are a measure of energy.

Power multiplied by time equals energy consumption. If a 100 Watt bulb (power) is left on for 10 hours, it uses 1,000 Watt-hours, or 1kWh.

If a solar panel generates 250 Watts from the sun for five hours each day for 30 days, multiply 250 (Watts) by 5 (hours) by 30 (days) to determine that the panel generates 37,500 Watt-hours per month. Then divide that number by 1,000 for to find that the solar panel generates 37.5 kWh each month.