How Do You Convert Candlepower to Lumens?

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Candlepower and lumens are both measurements of light, but they measure different qualities of light. Convert candlepower to lumens by multiplying the amount of candlepower by 12.57. The resulting figure is the equivalent amount of lumens.

  1. Understand the meaning of lumens and candlepower

    Candlepower, also known as candela, is the fundamental unit of photometry. Candlepower measures the amount of light produced at the source, which is light intensity. It does not account for the direction or quality of light beyond that. Lumens measure the amount of light at the object being illuminated. Lumens are technically complex units of measurement because they account for human sensitivity to total electromagnetic emission, but you can think of them simply as the total amount of visible light.

  2. Start with the amount of candlepower

    Determine the total amount of candlepower you wish to convert. That is the starting figure.

  3. Multiply by 12.57

    Multiply the starting figure by 12.57. The resulting answer is the number of lumens equivalent to the initial figure, the amount of candlepower. Now you know the amount of visible light that corresponds to a certain amount of emitted light. To convert in the opposite direction, divide the initial number of lumens by 12.57 to get the equivalent amount of candlepower.