How Do You Convert Board-Feet Into Tons?

Chuck Kuhn Photography Inc./The Image Bank/Getty Images

To convert board-feet to tons, use the conversion factor of one board-foot to one ton which, is 0.0023172750963701. Multiply this number with any volume in board-feet, and you will get the weight in tons. For example, if you have 10,000 board-feet of lumber, the equivalent weight in tons is 23.17 tons, rounded off to two decimals.

The board-foot is a unit of measure for the volume of lumber used in the United States and Canada. It is commonly abbreviated as (fbm) which means “foot, board measure.” It is also abbreviated as BDFT and BF. By definition, a board-foot is a piece of lumber that is one inch thick, one foot in length, and one foot in width. Board-feet are used to measure rough lumber, lumber that has not been dried or adjusted in any way.

There are generally three units used in measuring the volume of lumber in the United States. Other than the board-foot, square feet and linear feet measurements are also used.

The ton, or water ton, is also a measurement of volume, but it is used primarily in Great Britain. It is roughly equivalent to 35.96 cubic feet. One cubic foot is equal to 12 board-feet, making one water ton equivalent to about 431.52 board-feet.