How Do You Convert Amps to KVA?

SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

In order to convert amps, short for amperes, into kVA (Kilovolt-ampere), current in amps and the voltage in volts has to be multiplied and then divided by 1000. Mathematically, kVA = Current (in amp) * Voltage (in volts) / 1000.

An amp is a unit of electric current, while a kVA (Kilovolt-ampere) is a unit of apparent power of an electrical circuit; hence it’s not possible to directly convert amps into kVA without going through the accompanying calculations. Apparent power, denoted by “S” and measured by kVA, is equal to real power for a direct current (DC) circuit. However, for alternating current (AC) circuits, the real power and the apparent power differs by the ratio known as “power factor”.