What Colors Go With Yellow?

Depending on the shade, yellow goes well with reds, browns, whites, pinks, blues, greens and purples. Light yellow looks good with white, pink and green. Bright yellow goes well with purple, green and blue. Dark yellow looks good with browns, creams, greens and blues.

Because of how different shades of it exists and how those shades affect the overall visual result, yellow is a difficult color. For example, pastel (light) yellow should be paired with equally light shades, and not with a harsh bold color like bright red. Look towards the color wheel and try to choose colors close to the shade of yellow you’re using or directly across from it, such as purple. The visual contrast is good for the eyes and will keep interest high. Remember to use yellow in small doses, unless it is a pastel shade, because it can easily be straining on the eyes if there is too much present. Yellow is a great color to represent spring and life, and can make a space or piece of artwork feel brighter and more friendly. It can also be used to signify “caution” and grab attention, such as on a street sign or as the focal point of a room.