How Does Climate Affect the Way People Live?

Climate can affect day-to-day activities, health, agriculture and the environment in which we live. Energy sources can also be affected by changes in the climate.

Most people structure their day-to-day activities around the current climate. Climate changes affect society by impacting various social, cultural and natural resources. For example, infrastructure, transportation systems, energy, food, and water supplies are all affected by climate change. The climate also affects economic activities and services. Professions and industries that are closely linked to weather and climate, such as agriculture and outdoor tourism, rely on certain climatic conditions.

Climate impacts health in various ways, through heat waves, extreme weather events, reduced air quality and climate-sensitive diseases. Heat stroke and dehydration can occur during extreme heat and hazardous weather can cause injuries and, in some cases, death. Warmer climates have increased levels of harmful air pollutants such as ground-level ozone, which can damage lung tissue, inflame airways and aggravate lung diseases. The spring pollen season affects allergies and respiratory health. Climate also affects the transmission of food, water and animal-borne diseases.

Energy sources and the amount of energy necessary for survival can also be affected by climate. It impacts the ways in which energy is produced, delivered and consumed.