What Is the Chemical Formula for Wheat Flour?

Wheat flour is composed of starches in its polymer form, and has a chemical formula of (C6H10O5)n. The n is referred to a link, as the chemical formula given is the basic compound for wheat flour, although wheat flour will typically have more than one of these chemical compounds linked to one another. Starch is a carbohydrate and can be further categorized as an amylase.

Wheat flour is typically used for consumption purposes; however, the thickening ability of the starch has caused it to be added into many other various compounds, like in making paste.

Starch is not fermentable; however, it can be easily detected by adding free iodine into the system. If the solution turns blue, it is an indication that starch is present. The starch in wheat flour is typically broken down by the body into dextrin and maltose by an enzyme known as diastase. The chemical structure of starch can also be broken down if it is heated up.

Whole-wheat flour is typically derived from the entire wheat kernel, which includes the bran and the germ. The flour is brown in color, and has a nutty flavor to it. When used in recipes, whole-wheat flour tends to produce a denser result due to its thickening abilities.