What Causes Temperatures to Change on Earth?

Some of the things that cause temperatures change on Earth include the greenhouse effect, the amount of heat from the sun reaching Earth, deforestation and changes in Earth’s surface with regards to reflectivity. Temperature change on Earth has become a major topic of debate in recent years because of its negative effects.

Temperature changes on earth may have adverse effects on life because natural habitats and other climatic factors are affected. Below are some of the things that cause temperature changes on Earth.

  • Greenhouse effect – this is a condition where instead of heat escaping into the atmosphere, it is trapped within the Earth’s surface. This normally takes place when there is an excessive amount of certain gases in the atmosphere. The gases as generally referred to as greenhouse gases. Examples of these gases include carbon, sulfur and nitrogen
  • Sun factors – the sun goes through certain changes that lead to flare ups of heat, causing temperature changes on earth. Earth’s movement on its orbit also determines the amount of heat from the sun that reaches the surface
  • Reflectivity of Earth’s surface – shiny or bright things on Earth tend to reflect heat away, while darker objects absorb it. This causes a rise in temperature. Snow and clouds tend to reflect heat away, while oceans and forests absorb it