What Causes an Infection With Coccobacilli Bacteria?

An infection with coccobacilli bacteria is caused by an upset in the balance between bacteria and yeast distribution in the vagina, reports MedHelp. A doctor needs to diagnose this condition, known as bacterial vaginosis, as there are a number of different bacteria that can be responsible for vaginal infections.

Coccobacili is any bacteria rod having a oval or rounded shape, as defined by Farlex. When the normal environment in the vagina is disturbed, this bacteria multiplies. An infection of this type can be diagnosed through a blood or urine sample, explains Honor Society of Nursing. Coccobacili infections are easily treated with antibiotics and anti-fungal medicines, but all medications must be taken exactly as directed, according to MedHelp.

Chlamydia trachomatis is a serious type of coccobacilli that is classified as an STD, according to the Center for Disease control. Chlamydia is contracted by having sex with an infected person. This form of the bacteria can cause serious damage to the reproductive system. There may be no symptoms, but in some cases the infection causes discharge and pain with urination. If chlamydia is left untreated, a woman may not be able to get pregnant or suffer an increased risk of etopic pregnancy.