How Can You Prevent Deforestation?

Deforestation can be prevented through proper management and regulated harvesting, as well by reducing the demand for products and services contributing to deforestation, explains Greenpeace. However, this requires the cooperation of industry, governments and citizens to achieve a balance between the available resources and how to sustain them.

Proven management strategies and strict regulations surrounding harvesting limits and species of trees are some of the most obvious methods for preventing deforestation. Although, these are not always regarded when demand for a particular product is high. Along with pushing for thorough oversight of the industry, consumers can also reduce the demand for certain products, such as woods and oils, known to come from threatened areas. One of the most effective ways every citizen around the world can help prevent deforestation immediately is through recycling. Recycling greatly reduces the demand for new products and reduces the strain on struggling forests.

Another way to prevent deforestation is through support of the organizations that manage and protect them. From local conservation departments and nature groups to government representatives, there are dozens of organizations working to protect forests around the globe. Along with these organizations, general education of the public and the younger generations is also a great way to help prevent deforestation right now and into the future.