How Do I Calculate the Weight of Aluminum?

AFP/Getty Images/AFP/Getty Images

To calculate the weight of aluminum, one needs to determine the size of the aluminium in cubic centimeters, and then, they need to multiply that number by the weight of the aluminum. Aluminium weighs 2.699 grams per cubic centimeter.

If someone has a small square block of aluminium that is 1 centimeter high, wide and long, they have 1 cubic centimeter of aluminum. When they multiply that number, 1 cubic centimeter, by the weight of aluminium, 2.699 grams per cubic centimeter, the result is 2.699 grams.

If one prefers to calculate the weight of aluminium with imperial rather than metric measurements, one should use the imperial weight of aluminium. The imperial weight of aluminum is 1.56 ounces per cubic inch.