What Is the Boiling Point of Acetone?

Gianni Diliberto/The Image Bank/Getty Images

The boiling point of acetone is 56.05 degrees C (132.8 degrees F) at sea level. Like other liquids, this decreases as altitude increases.

Acetone, also named propanone, is a colorless, flammable liquid. It has a flash point of minus 20 degrees C and auto-ignites at 465 degrees C. Produced from propylene, acetone is often associated with the production of phenol. It is the simplest ketone and is also naturally produced in the human body. Used as a solvent, It is found in nail polish removers, superglue remover and paint thinners. Acetone easily removes residue from glass and porcelain. In the pharmaceutical industry, acetone is used as a solvent and as a denaturant in denatured alcohol.