How Does the Body Get Rid of Lactic Acid?

According to AZ Central, lactic acid buildup can be prevented by warming up prior to beginning a serious workout. Once the muscles are warmed up, a high-intensity period of activity followed by a low-intensity period is the best way to remove lactic acid from the body.

Stretching is an essential part of preventing lactic acid buildup and removing lactic acid that is already present in the muscles. By stretching or massaging the exercised muscles immediately after a workout, the muscles are better able to release excess lactic acid.

Improving the overall circulation of the body can also speed the formation and removal of lactic acid. The more intense the workout, the faster the formation and removal of lactic acid will be. While the formation of lactic acid does not use oxygen, AZ Central explains that focusing on slow inhalation and exhalation can help to release lactic acid from the muscles. Slow breathing also helps ease the muscle cramps that are often caused by excessive buildup of lactic acid during a workout. Staying hydrated is an equally essential way to transport lactic acid out of the system and prevent muscle cramps from forming.