What Biomes Are Within the United States?

In the United States, the three main biomes are grassland, desert and deciduous forests. The deciduous forest is found in the eastern section of the country, while the grassland or prairie region is located in the central region. The desert regions are situated in the southwest and west and include the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and the Mojave in California.

A biome is a geographical region that is characterized by its temperature, climate and the animals and plant life that can live in it. The prairie region in the United States extends from the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River. The main type of plants are perennial grasses. At one time, large numbers of bison lived in this area.

The desert biome has a hot climate and some typical plants found there are cacti and shrubs that can survive in this dry environment. In the deciduous forest regions, there different types of trees. There also are four distinct seasons in this biome type.