What Are the Benefits of Volcanoes to Humans?

Despite the fact that volcanic eruptions contribute directly to thousands of human deaths each year, they do offer a number of direct and indirect advantages to people. In particular, they aid in plant growth as well as new land formations and building developments

The soil on and near volcanoes is rich in nutrients. This feature allows for strong plant growth, which aids the air quality and provides vegetation for people and animals. Certain elements found in volcanic ash and mineral deposits are also used in product manufacturing. Oregon State University Volcano World states that basalt and diabese deposits from volcanoes are often used in building production. Health and beauty manufacturers use pumice and volcanic ash in the development of soaps and household cleaners.

A primary advantage of volcanoes is that their primary function is to vent hot steam and elements from the earth’s crust. This venting process controls the temperature of the earth’s crust, which means the surface temperatures people experience are somewhat moderated.

Volcanic eruptions create islands and other land formations. Universe Today indicates that the Hawaiian islands were all formed as part of volcanic eruptions. These new island developments provide more living space in a world with increasing populations and limited places for them to live.