What Are Some Animals That Use Mimicry?

Some animals that use mimicry are the Viceroy butterfly, robber flies, marine flatworms, scarlet king snake and glass lizards. Animal mimicry is the ability of an organism to copy certain characteristics of other animal like sound or appearance. Mimicry can help many animal avoid predators.

An example of mimicry is the marine flatworm that looks like a sea slug. Aquatic animals avoid preying on the sea slug because it emits a poisonous and malodorous substance. By mimicking the sea slug, the marine worm avoids creatures that would other wise prey on it.

Similarly, a glass lizard resembles a Florida king snake, so it protects itself against predation. The glass lizard is a legless lizard. Snakes can also mimic other snakes, such as the scarlet king snake that looks like the poisonous coral snake.

Insects like the Viceroy butterfly mimics the monarch butterfly that is also poisonous to predators. Robber flies mimic the sound of bumble bees.