What Animals and Plants Live in the Desert?

Depending on the location of the desert, animals and plants native to deserts are camels, peccaries, bats, coyotes, lizards, snakes, woodpeckers, scorpions, different types of cacti, creosote bush, black sage and ocotillo. Different types of animals and plants exist in the different desert types of the world that include hot, coastal, semi-arid and cold deserts.

In the hot deserts of North America, many plants like yucca, agave and prickly pear can grow. Ocotillo, also called Jacob’s Staff, is another plant that is native to the Sonoran Desert of North America. A typical plant found in coastal deserts is black sage. Cold deserts, found in Greenland and Antarctica, have deciduous plants. The wildlife includes deer in winter and kangaroo rats.

In desert regions like the Sahara, the camel is one type of animal that can live in this biome. The Sahara desert gets about a half an inch of rainfall per year.