Which Animals Live in Trees?

Nicki Mannix/CC-BY 2.0

Animals that live in trees include the flying lemur, the spider monkey, the tree kangaroo, the koala, the squirrel monkey, the greater glider and the tarsier. Arboreal animals range from primates and mammals to birds, insects, reptiles and amphibians.

A wide range of animals live almost exclusively in trees. One of the most unusual of these tree-dwellers is the tree kangaroo. Although this animal closely resembles its ground-dwelling cousin, it has valuable physical differences that makes it at home in the trees. For instance, it has strong claws that help it climb up branches. It has the unique ability among kangaroos to move its back legs separately, which is critical when moving among tree limbs.

Many birds live in trees, among which is the spotted owl. It is adapted to its leafy home, from its wings and sharp talons to its diet. This owl feeds exclusively on those animals that also live in trees, such as frogs and squirrels.

The green tree python is unlike other snakes in that it has a prehensile tail. It uses its tail to anchor it to branches so that it can lower itself to the ground when it spies a likely meal. Its green color blends in with the foliage.