Which Animals Live in the Midnight Zone?

Very few animals live in the midnight zone. A vampire squid is one animal that lives in the middle of the ocean within this zone. Animals that do live in the midnight zone must survive extremely cold temperatures. The midnight zone is the part of the ocean through which light does not penetrate and the pressure is too strong for many species.

Animals have soft bodies and show evolutionary adaptations to survive in extreme pressure in the midnight zone, according to the Oregon Coast Aquarium Oceanscape Network. Unlike other squids, the vampire squid does not have muscles for changing colors. It is also less mobile, so it is only able to swim within the midnight zone foraging for organic material that filters down to the dark area. Most animals are dark in order to not attract attention from predators. Many animals dine on bacteria and debris.

The midnight zone is one of five oceanic zones, according to Sea and Sky. The top 200 meters is the sunlight zone, from 200 meters to 1000 meters is the twilight zone, 1000 meters deep to 4000 meters deep is the midnight zone, 4000 meters to 6000 meters is the abyss and the trenches stretch to 11000 meters deep.