What Is 1 Joule Equal To?

One joule is equal to the work done by the force of a single newton when its points of application travels through a distance of 1 meter in the same direction as the force, so it is also equivalent to 1 watt-second or 0.2390 calories. The joule is named after James Prescott Joule, and it is a standard unit of work or energy in the International System of Units.

One Joule represents the work it takes to move an object one meter. It is a unit of measurement for energy in the International Standard of Units (SI). One joule is correlated with one Newton force, as the joule is the engine behind the force that moves an object over one meter.

The standard symbol of one joule is an apple, as its weight is equal to one Newton. At a height of one meter, the apple is exerting the energy of one joule. While on the floor, gravity is exerting the energy against the apple. It is one joule of energy that is needed to lift the apple one meter in height. So the energy of one joule is exerted against the one Newton in order to lift the apple to one meter.