Why Is Weather Important?

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The weather of any given region is important because it has a considerable impact on the water, sunlight and temperature of an ecosystem, according to the University of Illinois. These factors play a serious role by influencing the types of plant and animal wildlife that can survive in the area. Certain weather patterns can also cause dangerous storms and natural disasters.

Variation in long-term weather patterns and tendencies can result in certain regions getting more or less water or sunlight than other areas. All living things require water, but because some organisms require more than others. The weather in an ecosystem determines what types of living things are best suited to live there. This principle also holds true for amounts of sunlight. The intensity and duration of sunlight in an area determines whether or not it can sustain different species of plant life.

According to the University of Illinois, weather can also have serious impacts on life, both human and animal, in the short term. Natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes result from certain weather pattern combinations and can injure or kill thousands of people depending on their scope. These disasters often do lasting damage to cities and ecosystems as well. Because of this, being able to predict and understand weather patterns is a very useful skill when preparing for disaster.