What Type of Rocks Are Found in Georgia?

Sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks are found in Georgia. The state has four distinct geographic regions, and different types of each rock can be found throughout the land.

The northwest corner of Georgia falls into the Valley and Ridge region. Sedimentary rocks, such as limestone, sandstone and shale, are found here. Barite, ochre and coal have also been mined from this region.

The Blue Ridge region contains the mountains of North Georgia. These rocks are metamorphic, coming from pre-historic sedimentary and igneous rocks. Metagranite, gneiss, mafic, ultramafic and metavolcanic rocks are common in this area.

The middle geographic section of Georgia, the Piedmont, contains metamorphic rocks as well. It also has igneous rocks in some areas. The metamorphic rocks are slightly different from the metamorphics found in the Blue Ridge region. Rocks in this portion of the state include schist, gniess, amphibolites, migmaties, and the igneous granites. Granite is mined from this area, and the granite “Stone Mountain,” a tourist attraction, was formed by the same granite veins that traverse the region.

The Coastal Plain region contains mainly sedimentary rocks, with metamorphic and igneous rocks underneath. Limestone, sandstone and shale are found here, and the beaches contain white quartz. Kaolin is mined in this region, as are limestone formations.