What Things Are Made of Silicon?

A number of things such as glass, lubricants, electronic components, solar panels and a variety of medical equipment are made of silicon. The majority of sand found around the world is composed mostly of silica, which is an oxide of silicon.

One of the most common uses of silicon is to produce silicone, which has a huge number of uses. Silicone is found in breast implants and many other medical devices. Silicon is also used in computer and electrical components, most of which couldn’t function without silicon semi-conductor chips.

While silica is the main component of glass, silicon is also used to make optical glass. This type of optical glass is found in fiber optic cables and liquid crystal display (LCD) screens, such as those found in televisions, mobile phones and computers.

Silicon is a key element when harvesting solar power, as its photovoltaic properties allow it to create electricity when silicon atoms are excited by photons from sunlight. In addition to creating electricity, these same solar panels are also used to heat water.

Silicon is also found in a huge number of greases, resins, lubricants and even many household or beauty products, such as shampoo, fabric softener, lotion and antiperspirant.