What Things Contain Carbon?

Carbon is a common element in the world, which exists in many forms in both living and non-living things. Chem4Kids explains that carbon is found in plants, diamonds, graphite, charcoal, petroleum and plastics. Any form of life on earth depends on this natural non-metallic element. Almost all compounds that make up human bodies, organs, systems, organelles and cells, contain carbon. In fact, the atmosphere contains carbon dioxide.

Carbon is sixth in the periodic table, and it can exist on its own or as a compound because of its stable state. Plants contain carbon as their primary element. Plants need carbon to process food through the process of photosynthesis. Animals depend on these plants for food.

The biggest chunk of diamond is carbon. When carbon is left in an extremely high pressure area for a prolonged period, the atoms compress into a crystal called a diamond.

Carbon is charcoal?s main ingredient. Carbon compounds are good at storing huge amount of energy and excellent at holding onto heat. Pencils contain carbon. The black graphite is used for writing, and it is made of special type of carbon.

Most petroleum products contain carbon. It is the most significant ingredient of gasoline. Oil makes gasoline, and plants which died many years ago make the oil. Every plastic item contains carbon. Oil is also used to make plastics. Dead, decomposed plants, which are made of carbon, create oil. This makes carbon a crucial element in plastics.