What Is the Solubility of Sucrose?

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The solubility of sucrose in water at 20 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit) is 204 g sucrose/100 g water. Solubility varies with the temperature of the solution. As the temperature of the water rises, more sucrose can be dissolved.

The solubility of a substance is the amount of that substance that can be dissolved in a given amount of a solvent. A solution in which the maximum amount of a substance has been dissolved is referred to as a saturated solution. The following list shows the solubility of sucrose in water at various temperatures (given in Celsius):

  • 0 degrees: 179 g/100 g water
  • 20 degrees: 204 g/100 g water
  • 40 degrees: 238 g/100 g water
  • 60 degrees: 267 g/100 g water
  • 80 degrees: 362 g/100 g water
  • 100 degrees: 487 g/100 g water