What Is the Scope of Environmental Science?

Noel Hendrickson/Blend Images/Getty Images

The subject of environmental science covers a very broad field of numerous different subjects like human health, global economies and the impact of technology on the environment. Environmental science is an interdisciplinary science. Because of this, it covers numerous different fields of science, including biology, chemistry and the Earth sciences.

Environmental science is also very concerned with studying bodies and sources of water. Economics is also a very significant aspect to topics within environmental science. Legislation, too, is another interesting dimension to how environmental scientists study the changes happening in the world. People who work in environmental science commonly have to analyze the market forces and political changes that push industries and nations to use certain chemicals and technologies and how those decisions will come to affect the environment. Environmental science is oftentimes focused on analyzing the impact of a particular technology on the environment, and how that impact can be either positive or negative.

Students and academics who work in the field of environmental science oftentimes focus on a specific area of study within this field, like studying the ecological changes of the environment, examining water quality throughout the world, investigating the kinds of toxins released into the environment as well as the chemistry of how the world changes in response to human technological development and urbanization. Environmental science can even dive into a zoological framework, looking at how the populations of living things are affected by changes in the environment.