What Are the Products of HNO3 + Ba(OH)2?

The products of a reaction between HNO3 and BA(OH)2 are H2O and Ba(No3)2. The balanced equation for the reaction is notated as 2 HNO3 + Ba(OH)2 ? Ba(NO3)2 + 2 H2O.

The reactants HNO3 and BA(OH)2 stand for nitric acid and barium hydroxide, respectively. The products of their reaction are water, represented as H2O, and the compound barium nitrate. The balanced reaction uses stoichiometric coefficients, which are the numbers preceding each chemical formula, to ensure that the same amount of matter is found both before and after the reaction. Accordingly, both sides of the equation contain four atoms of hydrogen, two atoms of nitrogen, one atom of barium and eight atoms of oxygen.