What Do People Use Trees For?

Trees are used for a variety of purposes, including cooking, fuel and heating. Wood is also used for construction materials, making furniture and crafting tools. Shelter is provided from trees as well. The pulp in wood is also used to make paper. Trees provide nuts and different fruits for human consumption, contribute oxygen and play a role in water conservation.

Aspirin and quinine are made from tree bark. Man also uses bark from certain trees to make latex, which is an essential material for making rubber. Humans also use trees to beautify homes and properties. Trees provide natural shade for homeowners, reducing cooling bills. Heating bills are also lowered since they provide windbreak. Trees are added to parks and other public areas to provide a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, and they deflect heat caused by buildings and pavement.

Trees mask unwanted views and reduce noise from nearby traffic. They also create economic opportunities for people interested in green jobs, and orchards provide income to people in a community. Children also enjoy playing around trees. Adults derive visual inspiration from trees as well. They attract diverse groups of people together for community involvement activities such as tree care. People also use to trees for landmarks to forge identity and communal pride in cities and neighborhoods.