How Do People Depend on the Environment?

Human beings depend on the environment to get resources, such as water, shelter, food and clothing. Since the environment is important, it is highly advisable for human beings to avoid any activities that may cause destruction.

The environment on Earth is one of the most unique since it is able to sustain life. Human beings depend on Earth’s environment for the following resources.

  • Food: without food, life would not exist. The environment provides food since plants grow from the soil. Plants growing from the soil are also eaten by certain animals like goats, sheep and cattle which are all considered as food for human beings.
  • Water: this is the element of life without which all things would die. The environment provides this element through various ways including rain, rivers, lakes and oceans. Human beings use water for drinking, washing, irrigation and power generation.
  • Shelter: some of the materials used in construction include sand, stones and trees. The environment has an abundance of these raw materials and that is why human beings are able to build decent shelters.
  • Clothing: without clothing, human beings would find it difficult to cope with the harsh elements of the climate. The environment provides raw materials, such as silk and cotton, which are all used in manufacture of clothing products.