What Are the Names of Some Famous Tornadoes?

Gene Rhoden/Weatherpix/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Some famous tornadoes recorded in America over the years include the “Super Tuesday Tornado,” the “Tri-State Tornado,” the ” Veterans Day Tornado” and the “McConnell Air Force Base Tornado.”

Other famous tornadoes are the ” New Richmond Tornado,” the ” Palm Sunday Tornado,” the “Flint Beecher Tornado,” the “Waco Tornado” and the “1974 Super Outbreak.” Tornadoes occur worldwide, but they are commonly found in areas within the United States. In a typical year, over 1,200 tornadoes nationwide cause up to 1,500 injuries and 65 fatalities in America.

Tornadoes are rotating violent columns of air that extend from cumuliform clouds. They appear almost transparent until debris and dust are collected inside the funnel. Average tornadoes move from a southwest to a northwest direction, but are able to move in any direction, as well as make a sudden change in the current direction in which they are moving.

The strongest recorded tornadoes can generate rotating winds of up to 200 miles per hour. Tornadoes are known to accompany hurricanes and tropical storms when they move onto the land. Records of famous tornadoes of the distant past do exist, but are hard to verify as their accuracy is questionable. In the past, the existence of a tornado had to be verified by sight, and since they are unpredictable, often there was no-one there with a camera to record them.