What Are Some Names of Famous Plains?

The Great Plains, Eurasian Steppe, Pampas and Bushveld are some of the world’s major plains regions. Plains are flat regions that exist as either lowlands or plateaus.

The Great Plains, consisting of short- and mixed-grass prairie, extend from Texas in the United States to Saskatchewan in Canada. The plains experience hot and sometimes dry summers, and winters are often very cold. Plants of the Great Plains have extensive, deep root systems to reach water, and these roots help anchor the fragile top soil. Bison, antelope, coyotes, burrowing owls and prairie dogs are among the 20,000 species that make the Great Plains their home.

Stretching from Hungary to China, the Eurasian Steppe is the world’s largest temperate grassland. Consisting of grass and shrubland, the Steppe is an important ecosystem with a rich human history. A historically important trade route, the Steppe is home to the famous Silk Road.

The agriculturally fertile Pampas of South America covers parts of Argentina and Brazil, and all of Uruguay. The Pampas makes excellent farmland because of its mild temperature and consistent rainfall. It is also home to some unique wildlife, such as the rhea, a relative of the ostrich, and the pampas fox.

The Bushveld of Africa is an open landscape of grass and shrub with mild winters and hot, dry summers. Frequent wildfires control and revitalize the flora. The lowlands of the Bushveld are home to some of Africa’s most famous big-game animals, including rhinos, elephants, water buffaloes and big cats.