What Are the Names of Some African Animals?

Some of the many African animals are the hippopotamus, lion, bongo and kudu antelope, vervet monkey, zebra, giraffe, elephant, white rhinoceros, hedgehog, African fish eagle, bonobo, Cape buffalo, jackal, camel, mountain gorilla, hyrax, leopard, gecko, warthog and wildebeest. These animals occupy savannahs, mountains, grasslands, rivers and many national parks.

Not all of these animals are exclusive to Africa; for example, of the five species of rhinoceros, only two remain in Africa. Elephants are also found in Asia. The African savannah harbors much of the wildlife in Africa. Jackson’s hartebeest is a frequently hunted antelope endemic to seven African nations. The oribi is a smaller antelope species that also prefers grassland, and is found throughout Central and South Africa. The sing-sing waterbuck is a favorite of game-hunters and inhabits the region extending through the Central African Republic, Zaire, Senegal and the Congo.

The most popular African animals are major tourist attractions and drive the safari industry. National parks, zoos and wildlife preserves harbor lions, hippos, rhinos and elephants. The Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya has each of the big cats, as well as great wildebeest migrations.For a closer look at a variety of African animals, Kruger National Park in South Africa has self-drive safaris.