What Muscles Are Used When Shooting a Basketball?

Patrik Giardino/Blend Images/Getty Images

According to AZCentral, the biceps and the triceps in the arms are the major muscles players use when shooting a basketball. The trapezius, deltoids, pectoral muscles as well as the long flexors and extensors in the hands and quadriceps in the legs also play an important role in shooting a basketball.

When shooting a basketball, the muscles of the arm are the muscles primarily relied upon. The triceps extend the elbow during the shooting process, while the biceps help flex the elbow and return it to normal position after shooting. To grasp and let go of the basketball, the wrist extensors are used to open and close the fingers. The trapezius, which is located at the collar bone, and the deltoids, which surround the shoulder joint, help raise the arms and rotate shoulders for proper aiming and shooting.

Located in the chest, the pectoral muscles consist of two groups: the pectoris major and the pectoris minor. The pectoris major is the most visible muscle in the chest area, and the pectoris minor lies underneath the pectoris major. These muscles help raise the arms and propel the shoulders and arms forward during a shot. In the hand, flexors and extensors control the fingers for the grip and release of the basketball while shooting. Meanwhile, the quadriceps in the legs assist with proper shooting form and bending of the knees. During the shot, the calf muscles in the legs are responsible for the jump.