How Much Does a Liter of Diesel Weigh?

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A liter of 1D diesel weighs 874.61 grams, a liter of 2D diesel weighs 848.98 grams and a liter of 4D diesel weighs 959.51 grams. Each grade of diesel has a different density, so the weight of a liter of diesel depends on which grade is under consideration.

The heaviest grade of diesel, 4D, is only used for low-speed engines and stationary constant-speed engines. On the other hand, 1D diesel is a premium fuel for high-RPM engines that frequently change their load and speed. Trucks use 2D diesel, because it has a higher heat value per gallon. In warmer weather, 2D diesel is used because of its higher pour point and viscosity; 1D diesel is less viscous and has a lower pour point, making it the better option in cold weather.