How Much Hydrogen Is in the Air?

Olivia Bell Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Only 0.000053 percent of air is composed of hydrogen, making it the ninth most prevalent gas in the air. Nitrogen takes the lead, making up 78.084 percent of air, more than one million times more space than hydrogen. Oxygen also makes up a large part of air at 20.947 percent.

Air is made up of many different gases including argon, which takes up about 0.93 percent of air. The concentration of carbon dioxide, the fourth most common gas in the air at 0.038 percent, is slowly increasing.

The amount of ozone is also increasing; although, it is still barely traceable from the ground. Ozone has a much higher concentration near the stratosphere, where it protects the Earth from harmful ultraviolet rays. The amount of water vapor in the air varies depending on location.