How Much Is Half an Ounce?

Mitch Hrdlicka/Stockbyte/Getty Images

The equivalent to one-half ounce varies depending upon what is being measured. When measuring the volume of liquids, a standard one-half fluid ounce is equal to one tablespoon, while the metric equivalent is 15 milliliters. However, when measuring mass, one-half ounce is equal to 15 grams. One half ounce comes out to .03 pounds, so it’s pretty light.

If dry ingredients are used, one-half ounce is the same as three teaspoons, one tablespoon or 14.3 grams. If liquid is being measured, “how much is half an ounce” can be a little complicated to answer.

To measure a small amount of liquid or dry ingredients, measuring spoons are often used. They are typically available in sets that hold one-quarter teaspoon, one-half teaspoon, one teaspoon and one tablespoon. In addition, the tablespoon is almost identical to 15 milliliters.

If you’re at home the question of what is half of 1 oz is on your mind, we recommend using a scale to weigh whatever you’re intrigued with. To measure mass, a kitchen scale is appropriate. You can find them available at most retailers like Target, Amazon, or your local hardware. A kitchen scale can easily put half of 1 oz into perspective. If measuring a liquid, measure what holds the liquid first and then measure the container with the liquid inside it. Subject the original weight from the weight with the liquid inside it.

Half an ounce is a common measurement to use in cocktail making and cooking. A typical shot size is 1.5 ounces, so half of 1 oz is a common pour for many bakers, chefs, and bartenders. To measure liquids this small, many professionals use a jigger to measure them.